The World's Favorite Open Source GPL J2EE CFML Runtime Engine

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The topic of focus for this month's issue is "architecture." Software architecture is the study and practice of the art of planning and developing applications, and it also happens to be my favorite topic and area of expertise. It is the cornerstone of everything we do, and developers of every level of expertise and experience can gain from its understanding. By the time this issue reaches our readers, the CFUnited conference will be fast approaching - and I encourage ColdFusion developers everywhere to try to attend. If software architecture and/or object-oriented programming are of interest to you, there will be many sessions covering various aspects of these areas of knowledge, in addition to many other great topics. Of course, CFUnited will also be the first opportunity that ColdFusion developers have to attend so many presentations devoted to the new features in... (more)

AJAX Tipped To Play Major Role in the Shape of i-Technology to Come

Among all the terms cited by SYS-CON's worldwide network of software development activists, evangelists, and executives, what were the two that cropped up most often? "AJAX" and "IE7" -- Internet Explorer 7, currently in limited beta test. Other terms they focused on included: LAMP, Virtualization, SaaS, Open Source, SANs, Web 2.0, Blog consolidation, InfoSec, BitTorrent, Googlecrash, Adobe, SOA, REST, Single Sign-On, SemWeb, iComm, Structured Blogging, VPMNs, VoIP Phones, Semantic Technologies, Ruby on Rails, spam/phishing, VoIP, .NET 2.0, Terror Hacking and WiFi. 2006 promises to be a vintage year for software development... On the pages that follow you'll find the collected wisdom of some of the most acute prognosticators in the industry. As always with SYS-CON Media, we don't ask pundits and sideline commentators but activists, folks whose connection with sof... (more)

Cloud9 Analystic's Scott Wiener to Present at Cloud Computing Conference in NYC

Scott Wiener, founder of Cloud9 Analytics, will be presenting at SYS-CON's 2nd International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo in New York City this coming March 30-April 1, 2009. The delivery of massively scalable, cloud-based IT capabilities must align with users' individual roles within a business in order to really impact productivity and the bottom line. In this presentation, Wiener will discuss the rise of on-demand, role-based business intelligence (BI): BI that is not only delivered in the cloud, but also pre-configured to meet the unique needs of individual sales, marketing and operations professionals. Attendees will learn why the role-based model is driving the adoption of cloud-based services and is critical for helping users unlock the true potential and intelligence within the data they need to do their jobs. Speaker Bio Scott Wiener has repeatedly fou... (more)

Zeus Technology’s Owen Garrett to Present at Cloud Computing Conference in NYC

Owen Garrett, Product Manager of Zeus Technology, will be presenting at SYS-CON's 2nd International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo in New York City this coming March 30-April 1, 2009. Cloud Computing is transforming how services are being deployed across organizations. The agility of an ‘in the cloud' application infrastructure unlocks ways to deploy, manage and monitor network and internet services. This presentation describes how load balancing and application traffic management software can deliver unexpected and cost reducing benefits in the cloud, without deploying unnecessary proprietary appliances. Specific techniques will be discussed, such as solutions to improve performance, utilize dynamic caching, shape and compress traffic to minimize the effects of CPU oversubscription and how to use ‘in the cloud' technology to maximize application delivery without... (more)

Virtual Computer to Present at SYS-CON's Virtualization Conference Europe 2009

Richard Cassidy, Manager of Global Systems Engineering at Virtual Computer, will be presenting at SYS-CON's 6th International Virtualization Conference & Expo in Prague this coming May 18-19, 2009. Session Description: While server virtualization appears to have gone mainstream, the case for desktop virtualization is often less clear. However, the potential opportunity is significant with the number of client devices far exceeding the number of servers. Primary reasons why organizations will embrace desktop virtualization include: improved desktop security, simplified management and reduced management costs. This session will present a new approach to desktop virtualization where desktops and applications are fully encapsulated in a virtual workspace environment and delivered dynamically from a private or a public computing cloud, to be run locally, independent of ... (more)

BlueDragon 3.0 Released

(September 17, 2002) - New Atlanta Communications' BlueDragon 3.0, the newest release of its Java-based product family for deploying ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) Web applications onto standard J2EE platforms, is now available. BlueDragon 3.0 facilitates the simple and portable deployment of CFML pages as standard J2EE components onto BEA WebLogic and other standard J2EE servers. In addition, CFML pages can be deployed as compiled binaries, protecting any intellectual property contained within CFML source code. Using BlueDragon's simple "Drag, Drop, and Deploy" approach, developers can easily: Package portable CFML applications within standard J2EE Web ARchive (WAR) and Enterprise ARchive (EAR) files Drop and deploy archives onto BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, and other standard J2EE deployment platforms, without having to install proprietary ColdFusion Server soft... (more)

Making the Case for CFML

Many BlueDragon customers tell us they're being asked to defend their choice of CFML (ColdFusion Markup Lanuage) over JavaServer Pages (JSP). They need help making the argument that CFML and J2EE work well together, and that perhaps CFML is a better choice for presentation layer technology than JSP for developing J2EE Web applications. They know instinctively it's the right choice, but aren't quite sure how to build the case. As more organizations are standardizing on J2EE (and .NET) the issue of defending CFML will only become more urgent. The good news is that you've made the right choice with CFML. In this edition of BluePrints, we'll talk about why CFML can be a better choice than JSP for J2EE Web applications (in a future column, we'll take a look at why CFML can be the right choice of presentation layer technology for ASP.NET applications). We'll see some of t... (more)

Setting Up Your Development Server with ColdFusion 5, MX, and BlueDragon

The world of ColdFusion application servers is quite interesting at the moment. Macromedia's recent update to CFMX 6.1 promises to add a lot of stability and speed to the product. BlueDragon, New Atlanta's alternate CFML runtime engine continues to gain momentum. Yet despite these two great products, much of the development out there is still based on ColdFusion 5 (or earlier). What if you're interested in running one or more of these at once? Perhaps you're going to upgrade an app from one server to another? How do you test your current applications for compatibility among the other servers without reconfiguring your development machine? If you're a consultant, or work for a consulting firm, there's a good chance you'll have multiple clients, each with different server requirements. How do you handle the changing requirements without reconfiguring your server ever... (more)

How to Find the Right Hosting Service

ColdFusion developers are faced with lots of choices when trying to find a ColdFusion hosting service that meets their needs. It can be tough locating a host that offers the right combination of features, service, and support at a price that's right for a variety of developers. In the March 2003 issue (CFDJ, Vol. 5, issue 3), we conducted our first interview with a ColdFusion hosting provider. This month, we interview CEO Vlad A. Friedman for the skinny on his company's ColdFusion hosting services. CFDJ: Tell us a little bit about your company. How did you get started in the hosting business? Friedman: was started almost 5 years ago as a division of ACS&S, Inc., a 12-year-old systems integration and consulting firm. As our consulting arm grew into development of Web technologies, we started utilizing the services of several hosti... (more)

Making the Case for CFML on J2EE

Do you really know what it means to run CFML applications on a J2EE server? How does it work, and why would you bother? There are many benefits you may never have considered. In this article, the first of a series, I'll answer these questions. You may have heard that you can deploy your CFML on a J2EE server such as WebLogic, WebSphere, JRun, or JBoss - or on a servlet engine such as ServletExec or Tomcat. But what does this mean to a CFML developer, especially one who's not familiar with (or even interested in) J2EE? Whether you're an organization with multiple applications running on a single server, or a hosting company, or even if you have just one application on your current CF server, I hope this article will help you see when and where CFML on J2EE can make sense. I'll conclude by pointing you to resources for learning more about this topic. The Two Main Reas... (more)

CF Dynamics Announces Its 2005 Partner List

New Atlanta Communications, LLC develops software products and technology and provides support services needed to deploy and administer dynamic Internet web sites and web-enabled applications. BlueDragon 6.1 has recently been released and CFDynamics is a proud BlueDragon VIP Hosting Partner and now offers BlueDragon Hosting accounts. - see details - has a suite of search engine marketing and optimization tools to help the most experienced developer and web marketer optimize their site free of charge. Looking to outsource your Search Engine Optimization Check our private label and reseller plans.     PaperThin - CommonSpot Content Server is a full-featured content management solution offering organizations everything they need to support their Internet, intranet and ex... (more)